A beautifully-formed crater rising 60 m above the surrounding lava.

The spatter cone is the largest crater along a short volcanic rift, 200 m in diameter and 50 m deep. Its last eruption was about 5000-6000 years ago. According to medieval chronics there was also one around the time of the colonisation of Iceland about 1000 years ago, but today it is known that it came from another of the many craters of the valley Hnappadalur which are part of the volcanic system Ljosufjoll, the mountains of the light.

It is easiest to approach Eldborg from Snorrastadir on its southern side, walking 2,5 km through the shrub-covered lava field. It is possible to walk all the way around the crater as well as up it.

The player heads to the 90’s where Flash4wrd are having a house party (at their childhood home) to learn the Macarena. Taye and Lil’ T had so much fun that they ended up coming with a new dance craze called the House Party but were berated by Lima for disrespecting the time-space continuum. Once they return to DCI headquarters, Dr. Tan has breached the security system and Lima has the player travel to the 2000s era to get Bodie and Emilia back.

The player ends up a studio where Riptide is hosting a show called Dance Central Live. Riptide are reluctant to go back in the present since the show is currently in mid-season. After learning the dance craze, they receive a transmission from Rasa that the DCI headquarters is under attack but the transmission was cut off.